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Check Your Pulse

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in iOS Apps, Pulse | 0 comments

Pulse.Me has over 30 Million users and they are adding over 1 Million users per month. Pulse is compatible with nearly every mobile device and it is available for free. With Google Reader closing its doors on July 1, 2013, now is a great opportunity to load all of your feeds to pulse and add even more.

I’ve been using the application since LinkedIn acquired the company on April 11, 2013. I’ve been pleased with the applications ease of use on the iPhone and iPad. In addition to its use on mobile devices, the website works great on a Mac or PC.

Its easy to share articles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The application recently integrated with Evernote and Pocket so its easy to save articles you enjoy forever.

I would encourage all of the iOSLawyer readers to download Pulse in the app store and give it a try. The price is right!



4 Free Applications To Track Productivity On iPhone

Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Cool Stuff, To-Do Lists | 0 comments

There are many ways to track productivity on iPhone. I’ve tried many of them and want to share some of those experiences here. I only want to mention the ones that have worked well for me.

1. Reminders App

The Reminders application that is native to the iPhone is a great app, but I don’t use it anymore. There was a period of several months where I used the Reminders App exclusively for personal and business matters. There were occasional glitches here and there but for the most part, the application was functional and accomplished what I needed it to. My favorite feature was the ability to drag an apple mail message to the reminders application on the Mac and that reminder would stay with me on iPhone.

2. Evernote

Several months ago, I looked down at my phone and realized my application use was getting a little out of control. I decided that I was going to use Evernote almost exclusively and maximize its functionality.

I track my productivity on Evernote using the check boxes. On iOS and OS, I have a saved search for “todo: false” and that shows me all of the notes that have unchecked boxes. On the PC, the saved search is simply “todo:”. I have no idea why the searches have to be different, but trust me…they have to be. This method was extremely productive for me and I continue to use it often. I find this to be most helpful for completing complex projects and tasks, as we often have to do in the legal profession.

3. Any.Do

I’m a new user and evangelist for Any.Do from now on. The application is awesome. Here are some of the features I’ve most enjoyed:

  • Location based reminders
  • Easy to create and navigate folders
  • Calendar integration
  • Chrome integration
  • Any.Do Moment (which is a great way to start the day)
  • I’ll call it “smart language recognition”. If you add a task to “Call Jack O’Donohue”…it will have a phone icon on the to-do list for you to click to call me.

I’m hopeful the app developer will create a high resolution iPad app and I’m also hoping the app could integrate with Safari in the same way it does with Chrome.

4. Mail

I’ve adopted the “inbox zero” mindset and it hasn’t changed my life, but I must say its rewarding to have an inbox without any emails. I send and receive over 200 emails per day. The way I use Mail to track my productivity is that I have sub folders. One is for Action items that will take longer than one minute. Another sub folder is for Responses that will take me some time to write. The last one is simply an archive folder for messages that don’t apply to me or require me to take action.

There are plenty of applications with a price tag for sale in the app store. I’m sure some of them are worth the money, but the price is right for the ones I’ve described above.

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney and the Director of Social Media Marketing for Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C. in Andover, MA. If you enjoyed the content of this post, please consider sharing it!



LinkedIn Contacts is a Game Changer

Posted by on May 2, 2013 in iOS Apps, LinkedIn Contacts | 0 comments

I first read about the new LinkedIn Contacts last Friday in Cindy King’s article on Social Media Examiner. The article featured a quick blurb about the new functionality on the website and a mention of the new application for iPhone.

I signed up right away on but then when I told my wife about it, LinkedIn was only offering a spot on the waiting list.

LinkedIn Contacts

The Relationship Tab

  • Add notes about the person
  • Schedule one-time or recurring reminders
  • Add details about how you met and who introduced you
  • Tag the person and see recent interactions.

All of this data is pulled from CardMunch, Facebook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Imported Contacts, Mac Address Book, MailChimp, Twitter, and iPhone contacts.

I wish the calendar features played nice with iCal, but unfortunately that is not the case just yet. You can also sort through contacts based on Companies, Titles, and Locations.

The “start your day by staying in touch with your contacts” feature is cool. There is a screen that shows up with a list of recent job changes and birthdays for people in your network. You don’t have to send a LinkedIn Happy Birthday message…its not that corny. You can also send an email, text, Facebook message, or post to the Facebook wall.

The iPhone Application

The app for iPhone is awesome, but it has left room for improvement. All of the reasons mentioned above about the brilliance of the .com version is functional on the iPhone.

Why the iPhone App is awesome:

  • “Relationship Tab” from the website is fully integrated to the App.
  • “Recent Activity” on Twitter is displayed on the profile.
  • “In Common” will show you the list of mutual contacts.
  • “Contact Information” will show you phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, websites, company info, and the source of the connection.
  • “LinkedIn Info” a/k/a Summary, Experience and Education are fully displayed.

photo 2

I think its fair to say that in the coming weeks/months, the iPhone application will improve dramatically. I hope to see iCal integration with both the App and .com versions. I would like to see the editing features more accessible and functional on the iPhone.

I am upset this wasn’t developed for the iPad screen. We need this now!!!

All in all, I give this software a 95/100. I forgot to mention that it is free. I was shopping around in recent weeks for similar software that really did not exist below the $200/month price point. So I really can’t complain when this has solved those issues for free. Thank you LinkedIn.

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney and the Director of Social Media Marketing for Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C. in Andover, MA. If you enjoyed the content of this post, please consider sharing it!

I’m Looking For Some FaceTime

Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in FaceTime, iOS Apps | 0 comments

Chances are you’ve heard of video conferencing over the internet, but FaceTime over a cellular connection is relatively new. This latest advancement to the FaceTime platform on Apple products is changing the way we interact with one another.


The expression “Face time” has been part of our corporate and professional vernacular for many years.

According to The Office Life, face time is defined as the opportunity to sit down to discuss an issue in person. E.g. “I’ve been trying to get a little face time with the boss to go over this proposal…”.

So the question is…How can we use Apple’s FaceTime to be more productive mobile professionals?

The next time you are about to call someone using 19th century technology, step into the 21st century and click the FaceTime icon on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. As humans, we’ve been exclusively communicating face to face for thousands of years. Telephone and text communication are recent advancements.

FaceTime eliminates the requirement of proximity (or an internet connection) that have always been required for face to face communication.

We are more comfortable communicating with one another when we can see the other persons face. I’m not a scientist and have no evidence to prove that assertion but I’ll make it anyway.

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney and the Director of Social Media Marketing for Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C. in Andover, MA. If you enjoyed the content of this post, please consider sharing it!




What You Need To Know About IFTTT

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in Cool Stuff, IFTTT | 0 comments

Ever since starting this site back in December 2012, I knew there had to be a post about IFTTT. If you have not heard of the company, the slogan is “put the internet to work for you” and that is precisely what the FREE service does.

If you use any of the applications featured on iOSLawyer so far including Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket, Google Reader, or if you have social media accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube or Foursquare, and even if you already manage those accounts using Buffer or HootSuite…you will really enjoy IFTTT. If you have accounts with all of the services previously mentioned, you will love IFTTT.

The internet is disjointed. Information and data are scattered across the web. IFTTT is a hub of this data and information and will automatically circulate this data and information to where you need it to be.

The above-described applications and websites are referred to as “Channels”, and they are the building blocks if IFTTT.


You can create or use popular “Recipes” to automate your web experience.

If you want to…

  • automatically save photos to Dropbox when you are tagged on Facebook
  • bypass the recent integration fallout between Instagram and Twitter, you can use a recipe that will accomplish that.
  • tweet the same message every day
  • receive a text message before it snows or rains outside
  • automatically post your Facebook posts to Twitter
  • receive an email when its raining outside
  • see the weather in your google calendar
  • make a diary of your Facebook statuses in Evernote
  • send everything you read in Pocket to Dropbox or Evernote

IFTTT will automate all of this for you and more. The possibilities are limited only by the users imaginations. I would encourage you to visit IFTTT and create a free profile to give it a try.

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney and the Director of Social Media Marketing for Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C. in Andover, MA. If you enjoyed the content of this post, please consider sharing it!

Save The Best For Later: “Pocket”

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in iOS Apps, Pocket | 0 comments

Pocket is a free application that allows you to save content to read later when you come find it online.

I call it an on-demand application for reading.

Pocket is also available if you use a Mac, PC, or Android phone. If you are at work on your PC, you can save content to Pocket and read it on your iPhone or iPad later. In fact, Pocket used to be called “Read it Later”.

iOS and Mac offer the “reading list” feature. The reading list will sync between devices, but it does not match the style and functionality of Pocket. For example,as I was writing this post on my Mac, I clicked an article in my reading list. Safari took me within the same reading tab to the article I clicked on.

Pocket will never interfere with your browsing/use of the internet. It will only help you better enjoy the content available online.

For a visual, here is a snapshot of the applications and articles on my iPhone:



Once you save an article to Pocket:

  • you can mark it as a favorite
  • throw it in the trash
  • or archive it for later re-reading

I’ve really enjoyed using pocket these last few months and I would encourage you to give it a try. One of the best features of Pocket is the way it will integrate with some of my other favorite iOS applications (Dropbox, Evernote, etc.)

Click here to download pocket from the App Store.