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Posted by on May 2, 2013 in iOS Apps, LinkedIn Contacts | 0 comments

LinkedIn Contacts is a Game Changer

LinkedIn Contacts is a Game Changer

I first read about the new LinkedIn Contacts last Friday in Cindy King’s article on Social Media Examiner. The article featured a quick blurb about the new functionality on the website and a mention of the new application for iPhone.

I signed up right away on but then when I told my wife about it, LinkedIn was only offering a spot on the waiting list.

LinkedIn Contacts

The Relationship Tab

  • Add notes about the person
  • Schedule one-time or recurring reminders
  • Add details about how you met and who introduced you
  • Tag the person and see recent interactions.

All of this data is pulled from CardMunch, Facebook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Imported Contacts, Mac Address Book, MailChimp, Twitter, and iPhone contacts.

I wish the calendar features played nice with iCal, but unfortunately that is not the case just yet. You can also sort through contacts based on Companies, Titles, and Locations.

The “start your day by staying in touch with your contacts” feature is cool. There is a screen that shows up with a list of recent job changes and birthdays for people in your network. You don’t have to send a LinkedIn Happy Birthday message…its not that corny. You can also send an email, text, Facebook message, or post to the Facebook wall.

The iPhone Application

The app for iPhone is awesome, but it has left room for improvement. All of the reasons mentioned above about the brilliance of the .com version is functional on the iPhone.

Why the iPhone App is awesome:

  • “Relationship Tab” from the website is fully integrated to the App.
  • “Recent Activity” on Twitter is displayed on the profile.
  • “In Common” will show you the list of mutual contacts.
  • “Contact Information” will show you phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, websites, company info, and the source of the connection.
  • “LinkedIn Info” a/k/a Summary, Experience and Education are fully displayed.

photo 2

I think its fair to say that in the coming weeks/months, the iPhone application will improve dramatically. I hope to see iCal integration with both the App and .com versions. I would like to see the editing features more accessible and functional on the iPhone.

I am upset this wasn’t developed for the iPad screen. We need this now!!!

All in all, I give this software a 95/100. I forgot to mention that it is free. I was shopping around in recent weeks for similar software that really did not exist below the $200/month price point. So I really can’t complain when this has solved those issues for free. Thank you LinkedIn.

Jack O’Donohue is a Real Estate Attorney and the Director of Social Media Marketing for Dalton & Finegold, LLP and Gold Title, P.C. in Andover, MA. If you enjoyed the content of this post, please consider sharing it!